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    Laughing Gull Chocolates is on a mission to change the world with chocolate! Our origin story is about uniting two passions - a love of chocolate and a desire to be part of improving our world.

    Laughing Gull crafts delicious artisan chocolates made with ethically and transparently sourced cacao. We celebrate chocolate in its purest form and never use any artificial additives or fillers in our chocolate.

    Laughing Gull Chocolates is a socially-conscious business run by mompreneurs Lindsay Tarnoff, Karla Carey, Allison Zukoski. We are driven by community investment, social justice, racial equity, and of course, a passion for delicious chocolate. We are experts in all things chocolate, from chocolatiering, the history of cacao, women in chocolate, biodiversity and sustainability, and chocolate sourcing. Founder Lindsay Tarnoff attended culinary school, specializing in Pastry Arts, and brings nearly a decade of chocolatiering experience and study to Laughing Gull. Lindsay, Karla and Allison are all certified chocolate sensory analysts through the Chocolate Alliance. Laughing Gull Chocolates is a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.

    Each month, you'll receive 8 of our decadent hand-dipped truffles. We offer a wide variety of bel...

    What's Included:
    Box of 8 Truffles
    Box of 8 Truffles1 per month

    Every season, we curate a selection of our lovingly crafted chocolate treats and deliver it to yo...

    What's Included:
    Chocolate Lover's Box
    Chocolate Lover's Box1 per quarter

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