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    Monthly Truffle Club

    Each month, you'll receive 8 of our decadent hand-dipped truffles. We offer a wide variety of beloved everyday flavors and creative rotation of seasonal flavors. Innovative new truffle flavors are available each month! Check out our website to explore our truffle flavors and ingredients.

    You'll have the option to select your own flavors each month, or leave it up to chocolatier's choice!

    Tax and shipping are included in the price, giving this subscription an overall value of $35!

    $30per month

    What's included:

    Box of 8 Truffles

    Box of 8 hand-dipped truffles. Our decadent truffles start with ganache, made in small batches with simple ingredients. Each truffle is in enrobed in couverture chocolate and given a delicate topping that corresponds to its flavor.

    • All truffle ingredients may be found on our webiste.
    • 1 per month
    • Truffles will be shipped during the last week of each month
    • Available for shipping to Continental United States

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